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PocketREC® Server Platform
The optionally available modules of the PocketREC Server Platform enable additional features for a high speed upload and fully automated content ingest to your existing broadcast automation systems.

Major benefts:
  • significant improved upload speed: Factor 4-10 faster than MP2 over FTP, providing the same audio quality;
  • impoved battery life of the PocketREC field units;
  • secure, encrypted uploads: make sure that the uploaded content cannot be incercepted and read by 3rd party;
  • enables enconomic handheld SNG in broadcast quality;
  • automatic, dynamic content ingest into your existing content management or broadcast automation systems;
  • open system platform which can be utilized for other content routing operations within your organization.
At the same time, the PocketREC Server Platform enables your existing broadcast infrastrucutre to meet the requirements of the ongoing challenges of a converging broadcast market:
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For more details about the PocketREC Server Platform, please click here (PDF download) or contact us for an individual presentation, please!
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