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[ PocketREC ] +++ PocketREC is now fully video enabled!   Record, cut and send your videos as easy as your audio while your are on the go... come & have a look!!! +++                                                          +++ "PocketREC is the perfect solution for today's converging journalism" +++
Take a Look at PocketREC®
The following pages will give you some direct hand-on impressions of the PocketREC products, technologies and workflow. We work hard to constantly improve our PocketREC products and implement support for new PocketPC Phone devices with all provided enhancements.
The content in this section will be regularily updated reflecting the current state of the art in both PocketREC development, as well to show new possibilities provided by upcoming PocketPC Phone devices.
Audio & Video Quality: Get your own impressions about the PocketREC recording quality with different PocketPC and PocketPC Phone models.
Trial Version: If you are interested in trying out PocketREC and already have a PocketPC Phone, we will happily provide you with a PocketREC Demo.
If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact our PocketREC Support Team.

PocketREC, © 1999-, concepts and technologies are protected by U.S. and international patents.
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