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[ PocketREC ] +++ PocketREC is now fully video enabled!   Record, cut and send your videos as easy as your audio while your are on the go... come & have a look!!! +++                                                          +++ "PocketREC is the perfect solution for today's converging journalism" +++
PocketREC® Audio & Video Quality
Here is a list of audio, image and video recording samples which have been recorded with PocketREC Broadcast Edition installed on different PocketPC and PocketPC Phone devices. As you will see, PocketREC is always able to utilize the maximum performance and features of the used PocketPC hardware.
i-mate PDA2 PocketPC Phone (alias XDA/MDA IIi)
Here is a PocketREC recording on an i-mate PDA2 PocketPC Phone device with our Pro Audio External Microphone Cableset. The integrated Mobile Phone, GPRS, Wireleass LAN, Bluetooth etc. enable your PocketREC journalists to immediately transfers all content wirelessly back to station, no matter where they are:
(This device is currently the absolute favourite amongst our customers. The high performance, integrated camera for image and video and the wide availability directly through local mobile phone operators are additional plus points.)
HP iPAQ hx4700
Here is a PocketREC recording on an iPAQ 4700 PocketPC with our Pro Audio External Microphone Cableset for iPAQs:
(As you can see, the PocketREC low level audio DSP control is able to activate a perfect audio performance on this platform, even without the need for a separate audio card!)
HP iPAQ 6315/6340 PocketPC Phone
Here is a PocketREC recording on an iPAQ 6315 PocketPC Phone device with our Pro Audio External Microphone Cableset for iPAQs:
(While iPAQ 6315/6340 provides not the fastest processor, the battery life of this device is very good. Due to the integrated the Mobile Phone functionality into this device, PocketREC can show its full power by directly uploading the recording wirelessly.)
to be continued...
Overall comments
AUDIO DSP Control: By implementing low level DSP control on certified devices like HP iPAQ devices, PocketREC is able to significantly improve the audio recording quality to full 88dB dynamic range and also adds additional features like live montoring - without the need for a separate audio card.
IMAGES & VIDEO: Currently available PocketPC Phone cameras provide a image and video quality which is great for direct web publishing, blogging and other ways of online publications and can be compared to traditional VHS tape quality. But we have already seen PocketREC video cuts going directly on air! The feedback that we've got from our customers: "If you are the first with images of the hottest story of the year, it simply doesn't matter if it s in HDTV or tape quality!".
With having PocketREC deployed within your company, there is always a journalist with PocketREC recorder around the corner - long before the first camera crew arrives. For dedicated TV and video recording deployment, we can also recommend certain external cameras or CompactFlash camera cards which work perfectly with PocketREC. Please ask us if you are interested.
The available image and video quality is currently only limited by the hardware components of the PocketPC Phone devices (currently up to 5 megapixel). Like regular mobile phones, the capabilities are rapidly improving. PocketREC will always be able to support and cover the maximum available quality of the PocketPC hardware - and the PocketREC Broadcast Edition software can be upgraded to a new PocketPC Phone device at any time, of course.
In case that you have any questions regarding which PocketPC or PocktPC Phone model would be of best use for your case, please don't hesitate to contact us.
PocketREC, © 1999-, concepts and technologies are protected by U.S. and foreign international patents.
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